Drive it Day

Paul's Daimer

Even though I was unable to join you all at Keswick to celebrate this years “Drive it Day”. I did join the fray and take my Daimler out in the rain for a spin up the coast road. Gareth was with me and like the star he is he jumped out to take the photograph. It is important that we all show solidarity in view of the threats that could affect our enjoyment, emanating from Brussels.


Drive it day 2013

Well it was all looking good for this year; the original venue available again, good communication regarding start points and times for the drives and moreover the cold weather had disappeared just a week ago, not to mention some lovely sunshine on Friday and Saturday!

What could possibly go wrong?

Well, when something seems too good to be true, it usually is! The rain never eased for one moment and the PencilMuseum car park was full!  Competitors for a National cycling affair had arrived (very) early and found it a convenient distance from their event…

Well, to be fair, the weather was exactly as forecast and in the end there was just about enough room for everyone, a smaller turnout than expected.  And true to form the usual stalwarts were there, even open topped in some cases!

All’s well that ends well, I suppose and there was some beautiful metal, as usual.   All may have ended well, but it also ended early and most cars had disappeared by noon…

Oh! Wasn’t I expected to say some words about the fine cars on display, accompanied by some bright photographs?  Erm… well the coffee inside the nice warm dry museum café was lovely…

Neil McGurk