Newby Hall

The Icing on the Cake

23rd June JEC Northern Day at Newby Hall. I have to say it was sad that so many of you missed this Jaguar spectacular. I hear you say ah, but the weather forecast was rubbish and I agree with you so it was. However we need to drive our cars, they just don’t like being shut away in a dark garage and they get wet when you wash them.

Well what a day you missed, yes we had rain. I can assure you it lasted no longer than ten minutes and it happened at 11 05am. The rest of the day was pretty good (that’s not quite glorious). This year Sue and I were a little later than on past occasions and by the time we arrived our 20 car display area was already nearly half full and the member’s tent had been erected. Another five cars arriving at the same time created a little confusion.  Still with re arranging the parking of several cars sadly for one member who’s V12 had to consume vast quantities of fuel – he was asked to move three times we ended up with a pleasing display for the eleven members who came. With space still available for the six cars expected from our guests from JDC area 11.Thier 3 x XK120’s, Mk2,XjS and XF complemented and completed our stand

Twenty cars on the stand would have made it look like a car park (make a mental note to book five more spaces than we want.)There were over six hundred Jaguar and Daimler Cars on the field for the eyes to behold from Swift’s and SS’s to the very latest “stretched” XJ limousine and a an imposing “The very last ride” (hearse) and even one from the showroom in the Concourse Competition selection needless to say it did not quite make the grade. There did not seem so many trade stands than at some of the other major shows, but they all seemed to be busy as was the ice cream van, with a constant stream of clients.

These shows really are a must for anyone with a passion for the marque, all the cars are not pristine, but its good to see them gathered in one place.

I am of going to the Southern day at Littlecote House, Hungerford on the 1st of September .and will submit a report to the editor for inclusion in the Newsletter.