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Specialists in the Acquisition & Disposal of Jaguars and Other Fine Marques

I have spent 40 years in the motor industry, 8 of which were spent helping head the Jaguar Dealership that for all of those 8 years achieved the highest Jaguar dealership customer satisfaction score in the WORLD.

I am now involved with many aspects of vehicle consultancy, specialising in helping clients locate the car of their dreams, or disposing of the car they no longer require; Unsurprisingly Jaguars are a large part of this business. I have I think unrivalled contacts, but couple this with modern technology that enables me to contact every Jaguar dealer in the country plus several hundred Jaguar specialists in seconds. (All of this applies to other makes also).

Recently on behalf of clients I’ve sold a 3 year old XKR convertible, a 2009 XF and a 2010 XFR, I’ve sourced a 2007 XKR convertible, one owner, full history, a mere 13500 miles and a letter certifying it had never been out of it’s heated garage in the wet. I’ve obtained a New Model Range Rover delivered in 48 hours when dealers are quoting 9-12 months lead time.

Although I rarely get involved in older cars I have recently sourced a BEAUTIFUL 2007 XJ308 Sovereign LWB, only 64000 fully documented miles, and for the same client a 2003 XK8 convertible with an equally documented 41000 miles.

My fees are discussed in advance and if I fail to come up with a deal the client finds acceptable there is NO FEE AT ALL.

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